Three Resin Box In White Color With Geometric DesignThree Resin Box In White Color With Geometric Design

  • Material


  • size

    Big Box = (L=12, W=8, H=3, (Inches), Medium Box = (L=7, W=6, H=2.5, (Inches), Small Box = (L=6, W=4, H=1.5, (Inches)

  • description

    This Box is totally handmade from Resin. It is in Rectangle shape. It is in White Color With With Geometric Design Design Which makes It an Attractive & Unique Box. We Provide the best quality of boxes.

  • use for

    This box is mostly used to keep jewelry.

  • benefits

    Keeping your jewelry in this box is one of the best benefits And it will be protected from dust and other things that can damage your jewelry.

  • Strange Story

  • history

    We are making Resin Boxes since 2001 or we can say 20002

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