Wooden Black Joint Brass Smoking PipeWooden Black Joint Brass Smoking Pipe

  • Material

    Wood & Brass

  • description

    This Pipe is totally handmade from wood and Brass with the best and unique quality. It is a Joint Brass Smoking Pipe with the best polish. It is an attractive and unique product of handicraft. We provide the best quality of Smoking Pipe.

  • use for

    This Pipe is used for strong-tasting, harsh tobaccos, the smoke from which is usually not inhaled. Smaller pipes such as the midwakh or kiseru are used to inhale milder tobaccos such as dokha and kizami or other substances such as cannabis and opium.

  • benefits

    One benefit is that pipe smokers generally do not inhale, thus sparing their lungs. Another benefit is that pipe tobacco is usually fragrant and therefore produces smoke which is however considered pungent by nearby people if they are not allergic to tobacco smoke.

  • history

    We are making this pipe since 2003 or we can say 2004

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