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Artisan is our passion. Through the lens, the world looks different and I would like to show you this difference. You can see it in my work that is presented here, Let’s explore our categories.

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Horn Mug
Click ExploreHorn Mug
Copper Cuff
Click ExploreCopper Cuff
Magnifying Glass
Click ExploreMagnifying Glass
Click ExploreKnobs
Click ExploreCombs
Napkin Ring
Click ExploreNapkin Ring
Horn Spoon
Click ExploreHorn Spoon
Copper Finger Ring
Click ExploreCopper Finger Ring
Decorative Balls
Click ExploreDecorative Balls
Horn Knife
Click ExploreHorn Knife
Horn Bowl
Click ExploreHorn Bowl
Brass Cuff
Click ExploreBrass Cuff
Horn Tray
Click ExploreHorn Tray
Photo Frame
Click ExplorePhoto Frame
Brass Bangle
Click ExploreBrass Bangle
Resin Bangle
Click ExploreResin Bangle
Wooden Bangle
Click ExploreWooden Bangle
Medwakh Pipe
Click ExploreMedwakh Pipe
Brass Earrings
Click ExploreBrass Earrings
Clutch Handbag
Click ExploreClutch Handbag
Hanging Planter
Click ExploreHanging Planter
Resin Bowl
Click ExploreResin Bowl
Resin Plate
Click ExploreResin Plate
Resin Flower Pot
Click ExploreResin Flower Pot
Resin Necklace
Click ExploreResin Necklace
Raw Material
Click ExploreRaw Material
Smoking Pipe
Click ExploreSmoking Pipe
Horn Button
Click ExploreHorn Button
Fragrance Burner
Click ExploreFragrance Burner
Wooden Box
Click ExploreWooden Box
Wooden kitchen accessories
Click ExploreWooden kitchen accessories
Resin accessories
Click ExploreResin accessories
Wall Hook
Click ExploreWall Hook
Colored Bangle
Click ExploreColored Bangle
Copper Health Products
Click ExploreCopper Health Products
Mother of Pearl and Bone Inlay
Click ExploreMother of Pearl and Bone Inlay
Wooden Spatula
Click ExploreWooden Spatula
Incense Holder & Incense Burner
Click ExploreIncense Holder & Incense Burner
Serving Tray
Click ExploreServing Tray
Resin Box
Click ExploreResin Box
Ramadan Items
Click ExploreRamadan Items
Kitchen Accessories
Click ExploreKitchen Accessories
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