Colorful Rexine Design Brass BangleColorful Rexine Design Brass Bangle

  • Material

    Brass and Rexine

  • description

    This Bangle is completely handmade from brass with the best quality. It is made out of a simple brass sheet and Colorful Rexine mounted over it. its design makes it an attractive and unique product.100 % Pure Brass The warmth and beauty of antique brass make our Bangle stand out. We provide the best quality of Brass Bangle.

  • use for

    Brass Bangle is specially used to wear in hands to look pretty and attractive. It gives a perfect look to your personality.

  • benefits

    Brass contains copper and zinc, minerals essential for the human body, wearing brass jewelry or using brass utensils for eating and drinking can improve health and help reduce copper and zinc deficiency.

  • history

    We are making Bangle since 2001 or we can say 2002.

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