Enamel Painted Serving TrayEnamel Painted Serving Tray

  • Material


  • description

    This Tray is Completely handmade from Wood. It is In Enamel paint Which makes it an attractive and unique Product. We provide the best quality of Wooden Tray.

  • use for

    A tray is a flat dish or container that's used to carry or serve food. Most trays hold food, but they can also be used for carrying, storing, or displaying all kinds of things.

  • benefits

    The food tray helps the waiter and customers move food easily. In the restaurant and dinner settings, trays help the waiter to order in an effective and timely manner. Instead of using both hands to carry only two pieces of tableware and utensils, the waiter can place them on the restaurant tray at the same time, keeping the tray crowded. Using the tray allows the waiter to save time and serve customers faster and more convenient way.

  • history

    We are making Resin Tray since 1985 or we can say 1986.

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