• Material

    Buffalo Horn & Neem Wood

  • size

    20x5 cm

  • description

    Black buffalo horn combs are made with natural black buffalo horns and Keep Hair Groomed without Static Horn combs are sturdier, gentler and all around better than plastic comb. An essential tool for detangling hair, especially before brushing. The fine tooth comb is best suited to straight and/or fine hair, and the medium tooth is better for slightly thicker or wavier hair.

  • use for

    Horn comb is used for hair. Regular use of horn comb can provide relief from flaking and an itchy scalp. It is a good for exfoliator, It always remains clean and hygienic.

  • benefits

    Combing your hair with a horn comb helps balance the hair's electrical charge. The horn has the same molecular nature as hair. It does not cling to its surface (unlike plastic) and facilitates untangling. The horn comb glides through the hair, without weakening it.

  • history

    We are making copper ring since 1949 or we can say 1950.

  • Keywords

    Tradnary Premium Horn & Wood Joined Comb For Hair Care In Natural Margosa Wood & Buffalo Horn Comb In Premium Polished & Design

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