Pure Copper Cuff BraceletPure Copper Cuff Bracelet

  • Material


  • description

    This Cuff is completely handmade from Copper with best and unique quality. It is a pure copper cuff. 100% pure copper an attractive and unique product. We provide best quality of Copper Cuff.

  • use for

    Copper Cuff is specially used to wear in hands to look pretty and attractive. It gives a perfect look to your personality and Wearing copper accessories is believed to have the function of healing energy required within the body. Worn on the wrist as a bracelet, wearers have reported a marked improvement in their condition.

  • benefits

    Maintains Blood Pressure,Improves Cardiovascular Health,Strengthens the Bones,Promotes Absorption of Minerals,Improves Skin Health,Healthy Immune System,Copper improves physiological balance and strengthens the body and Revitalises the Heart etc.

  • history

    We are making Copper Cuff since 2001 or we can say 2002.

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