Round Handle Serving Horn Spoon Round Handle Serving Horn Spoon

  • Material


  • description

    This spoon is totally handmade from horn.It is black in color and its bowl is wide and its handle is Round and Thin which makes it an attractive horn spoon and Handcrafted from Buffalo horn, no two products made by Abbey-horn are ever the same, making every piece a bespoke masterpiece. This handmade spoon will add an unusual touch to any kitchen or table.

  • use for

    Horn spoons are used to wash the femoral gravel and pulp when precision tests are performed and horn spoon can be used in many other ways.

  • benefits

    Horny spoon is perfect for sugar or salt. It is natural and gives an ideal test.

  • history

    We are making Horn spoon since 2003 or we can say 2004.

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