Wooden Serving khatiya platters setWooden Serving khatiya platters set

  • Material


  • description

    Original and unique handcrafted wooden platter, sweets, or snacks. This incredible handcrafted serving platter brings an exotic and natural look to your lovely dining table.

  • use for

    There are different uses for serving platters including carrying food and beverages from one place to another as well as enabling those in the industry to serve specific sized portions of food. while other restaurants choose the tray to serve food on.

  • benefits

    the opportunity to save time and serve people in a faster and more convenient manner. On the other hand, people in fast-food restaurants and self-service diners can easily carry their food to their tables once they have finished ordering.

  • history

    We are making wooden Serving platters since 2001 or we can say 2002.

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